Aggro paladin AKA shockadin

Paladin Ladder / Wild Aggro

Abel Score: 2

Description slightly modified version of this deck, thought i'd give credit xD


Jexis says... #1

Before I comment, I'd like to know; how high on the ladder has this gotten you?

February 15, 2016 3:52 p.m.

Abel says... #2

Level 16 on a winning streak then balances out around level 17-18

February 16, 2016 2:28 a.m.

Jexis says... #3

Check out my deck Aggro Paladin. I net-decked it and modified it to fit my card collection, but it has the good aggro shell.

I would cut Worgen Infiltrator and Hammer of Wrath, since Stealth is usually worse than Divine Shield, especially with Blessing of Might, or when attempting to trade.

Argent Protector seems fine, but I'd like to see 2x Shielded Minibot since it can be its own individual 2 drop with max value. Maybe cut some combination of 1 Protector, 1 Ironbeak Owl, or 1 Equality for them.

2x Arcane Golem can be detrimental, especially against any control deck, Druid Midrange, any flavor of Warlock, or even Hunter by giving them extra mana to hero power. 1x seems to be the general consensus on balance and power, so maybe 1x Wolfrider would work. If you decide to keep all 8 1 drop minions, then Seal of Champions can do plenty of damage while also protecting from removal.

February 17, 2016 10:30 a.m.

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