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Mage Ladder / Wild Midrange

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Main concept

I wanted more of the awful power of Piloted Shredder. So I looked for similar minions, like Cairne Bloodhoof and Sludge Belcher, added cards which would give me more of them (Duplicate) and to round things out added cards like Ethereal Conjurer and Jeweled Scarab which also play very well with the card advantage plan that the deck ends up falling into.


The deck can have some slow starts, and aggro is a thing, so I'm trying to figure out that balance. I don't want to add any more low cost minions, as I already have to watch out for duplicating or effigy-ing slimes, scarabs (dups on scarabs aren't always terrible) or Mad Scientist. Also, you'll note silly things in the deck, like Summoning Stone, Sneed's Old Shredder, and Kirin Tor Mage. Honestly they both have their moments, but they are on the chopping block.

Also Dr. Boom is in there, because even with the terrible interactions with the secrets and the boom bots, he's still Dr. 7.

Next Move

Taking the deck out of casual and into ladder both for the luls and the testing. Need advice on the early game and some possible additions that the new set will bring. No, I won't be making a standard version, because half the deck would be gone, but still might add in some new set cards.


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