C'Thun Reno Miracle Rogue?

Rogue Standard* Tempo

dinsh Score: Unrated


A fairly budget combo deck featuring C'Thun as a win condition, Reno Jackson as a backbreaking anti-aggro measure, and a Gadgetzan Auctioneer package to churn through your deck and set up both of the above. There are tons of duplicates in the deck but Auctioneer can allow us to draw through very quickly and get Reno online. I'm not sure how good this is higher up the ladder, but it has shown promise at lower ranks.


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Date added 3 years
Last updated 3 years
Cost 1480

This deck is not Standard legal.

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Illegal cards Beckoner of Evil , C'Thun , C'Thun's Chosen , Disciple of C'Thun
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