Guide to Budget: Renolock

Warlock Ladder / Wild

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For all of my "Guide to Budget" decks, I show the deck list I use. If it is above or below your budget, then the following information will help you build your own personal deck, and help you build off of it. Before I begin, I will say that I highly recommend the solo adventures and usually require some or all of them for these guides.

Renolock is not about having the most insane legendaries. This deck uses card advantage and board control to grind out the game until stabilization occurs and a huge threat is able to be dropped unanswered. Card advantage is gained from high value cards and life tap. If Reno Jackson is played after stabilization, it is near impossible to lose.

Now that we know how the deck works, we can take a look at the full list and determine what cards to remove and what cards to add in order to fit whatever budget you have.

Take a look at Stanislav Cifka's RenoLock. Cards such as Dr. Boom, Lord Jaraxxus, Sylvanas Windrunner, and Twisting Nether are expensive and may be hard to craft. Since we know how the deck needs to be played, budget substitutes can easily be determined, then the legendaries can be purchased over time. Voidcaller has very good tempo which leads to demons such as Dread Infernal or Fearsome Doomguard to be included. Also Abusive Sergeant is nice for trading and can create an effective Shadowflame. I personally like Arch-Thief Rafaam because if played correctly the game can be won very quickly. It is a huge threat that provides a lot of value. Stalagg and Feugen are also strong and can be fun to use.

Once you have your budget deck, you can begin to save up for the real deal. Personally I would craft all necessary epics and rares before worrying about the legendaries. Dr. Boom and Sylvanas Windrunner are top priority because they are strong but can also be used in other decks. Below them are Lord Jaraxxus and even Mal'Ganis if you wish to take a more demon oriented route. In order to get these cards, invest gold in arena rather than buying packs alone.

The goal of any budget deck is to shadow the final deck list and eventually work your way up to it. As long as you can stick to this idea, then you will be able to customize your very own deck while playing on a budget.


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