Having Fun With: Monkey Warrior

Warrior Ladder / Wild Control

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The "Having Fun With" line of decks are not meant to be competitive(although some may be viable). Instead, they are meant to complete certain goals in order to win big or lose big. These decks are great if you are frustrated with trying to ladder and just need to blow off steam. If you care about your rank these can always be played casually.

This is a budget version of a fatigue warrior deck with an added in golden monkey synergy. The key to this deck is to be very careful with removal and make sure you are making the most efficient trades possible, leaving cards to remove bigger threats in the late game. Once you are ready to play the golden monkey, make sure you have enough cards to turn to legendaries. If your last card in your deck is the monkey, then make sure you save a hand full of cards in order to get more value. Also there are Brann synergies with Shieldmaiden, Antique Healbot, and Coldlight Oracle which can be very effective.

This is the currect decklist I am playing and my next addition will be Justicar Trueheart because gaining 4 armor a turn is a great advantage for a fatigue deck. This deck plays long drawn out games and is a whole lot of fun winning or losing!


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