Having Fun With: Token Hunter

Hunter Ladder / Wild Aggro Face Jank

JuiceBoxUnleashed Score: Unrated


The "Having Fun With" line of decks are not meant to be competitive(although some may be viable). Instead, they are meant to complete certain goals in order to win big or lose big. These decks are great if you are frustrated with trying to ladder and just need to blow off steam. If you care about your rank these can always be played casually.

This deck is a variation of face hunter which makes use of Timber Wolf. The idea behind this deck is to do what your opponent isn't expecting from a face hunter. Instead of running Explosive Trap, the secrets used have good synergy with Timber Wolf. Snake Trap into a decent Unleash the Hounds can be a lot of damage with Timber Wolf. The deck has a lot of similarities to the standard face hunter but also has fun synergies. These synergies deal a lot of damage and only require a few cards, leaving a lot of gas in the tank.


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