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Rogue Ladder / Wild Control Jank Tempo

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Only recently started playing Hearthstone, I play Magic so was able to pick up the game relatively quickly and I'm sitting around Rank 12 and lucked out on cracking a few packs here and there. I wanted to make a deck that's resilient to the new Standard rotation. Wouldn't say I'm the best player but I'm always willing to learn and get better.

I actually love this deck it's so tricky to play and requires a lot of good mulliganing so you are able to control the board.

Ideally your first few turns rely on controlling the board with cards like Deadly Poison, Wicked Knife, Fan of Knives, Shiv, SI:7 Agent, Bloodmage Thalnos (is relevant sometimes), Blade Flurry, Eviscerate, Backstab, Sap etc ideally you want to keep track of how many miracle cards you have left as well. In these first few turns you generally wanna use your Preparation very sparingly.

Turn 3-4+ you want to push out cards like Tomb Pillager, Azure Drake or Earthen Ring Farseer if you're slightly behind it's a solid 3/3 body that heals you for 3. T5-t6+ you want to rely on getting your miracles in your hand with Gadgetzan Auctioneer so it's generally good to save cards like The Coin from your pillager or going 2nd for this turn relying on cards like Preparation is really good here as well. T6-T7 you ideally want to play Emperor Thaurissan if you have your combo as it's basically a taunt and can force some major spells from your opponent. You basically never want to trade for anything unless it's extremely favourable for you because this deck relies on punching through at least 11 damage which can be done through a lot of our early game anyway.

T8 as long as you have your opponent at 19 life or less you can win the game on the spot can also win with Azure Drake if your opponent is on 25 life (as long as no taunt minions are on board). Cast Malygos, Sinister Strike and Preparation Eviscerate is usually the win. In an ideal world you can push through 30 damage with 2 Sinister Strikes and 1 Preparation Eviscerate with Malygos and Azure Drake out. Blade Flurry with Malygos can also get you there if you have a Deadly Poison already on your weapon.

Small things to note Malygos is a very resilient dragon much like Ysera, sometimes you can actually leave him on board if you don't have the combo yet and use your removal like Backstab, Shiv, Fan of Knives etc to a great extent. Always good to keep track of what removal your opponents have used as well.

There's only a few decks I've found I really struggle against as early game for MalyRogue is pretty difficult: Midrange and Face Hunter, Midrange and Face Shaman, Mech Mage and Secret Pally and occasionally Rampy Druid if I'm unable to draw a Sap early on. Most decks you have a pretty favourable matchup Mage is easy to beat, same with Priest, Control Warrior can be hard but definitely possible, Patron Warrior is easy as well due to Deadly Poison Blade Flurry, Anyfin Can Happen Pally is relatively easy to beat as well due to MalyRogue being able to win on T8, Zoolock and Handlock are extremely easy too due to Life Tap and Fan of Knives being excellent removal for 1/1 Imps and Sap for larger things like Mountain Giant and Molten Giant etc if they push for Lord Jaraxxus you can win with Azure Drake and 2 Sinister Strikes + Wicked Knife or Eviscerate pretty much. Mill Druid can be interesting if they're running the Justicar Trueheart list, Mill Rogue is pretty easy as well if they waste Gang Up on cards like Coldlight Oracle over Antique Healbot, Deathrattle Rogue can kinda be very sticky but our removal is pretty solid against their 4/4 Nerubians. Thankfully due to rotations a lot of the harder decks get nerfed in Standard and the imminent nerf to Druid with Force of Nature MalyRogue is looking quite good. Also goodbye Dr. Boom.

Some decks actually run Edwin VanCleef as an earlier drop but I only find him useful comboing with Gadgetzan Auctioneer which is generally why people run Violet Teacher. 1 Gadgetzan Auctioneer removed for Violet Teacher or Edwin VanCleef will definitely be something I'll try out.


Found out today Blade Flurry is getting nerfed to 4 mana and only hits minions like Savagery basically destroys the early game for MalyRogue :(.


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