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Hey guys! I am an NA Hearthstone player bringing you the deck I ladder with. In previous seasons, I had only made it up to rank 3 hoping for legend with handlock, then gave up because I lacked necessary cards to beat fast, consistent curve decks like secret paladin. However, LoE helped give warlock essential tools to crush the cancer that has swarmed the meta! Cards like dark peddler can help swing the early game in your favor and reno jackson will make that face shaman opponent concede! Against control, you have incredibly strong threats like mountain giants and twilight drakes, even Jaraxxus if you know they will not burst you down. Right now, I have a positive win rate against all kinds of decks with the exception of the Murloc Anyfin Can Happen decks.

So the main question is, why not Dr. Boom? I would put him in, except I do not have him. If I get enough dust, I will craft boom for this deck, but that will not be for a while.

PLAYSTYLE:Against shamans, paladins and hunters, you want Zombie Chow, Acidic Swamp Ooze, Mortal Coil, Dark Peddler and/or Imp Gang Boss in hand. Hellfire and Demon Wrath are good to keep for Paladin and sometimes Hunter if you have coin. reason is that hellfire cannot clear Shaman Totem Golem and hits you with 3 damage. If your pre-mulligan hand is really bad, keep owl, too, because even silencing knife juggler can be huge, sometimes even makes a good trade.

It seems midrange/tempo decks are not as popular in ladder with the exceptions of tempo mage and midrange hunter(I will not include patron warrior here, but have another section for it, although yes it does kind of count as midrange). You just want your early game threats to curve into strong midgame. Chow->Peddler->Imp Gang->Shredder/Twilight/Voidcaller is a dream start. However, because this deck has little early game, you will usually not get this lucky, so take advantage of board clears!

Against warrior, I always mulligan as if he is playing patron. This means I look for Shadowflame/Hellfire as priority. I rarely keep twisting nether, but if I am desperate it can stay. Next I look for midrange threats like twilight, shredder, or voidcaller. I tend to mulligan away every early game except for chow, because they all die to weapon. Imp Gang Boss getting eaten by Death's Bite makes me cry. If you're lucky and warrior misses out on weapon, then chow can eat at his armor or soak up a bash. I know that face warrior also exists, but I've only seen like 2 on ladder out of about 30 warriors this season, and even then I was able to clear his board, put down taunts, and heal up to win both. For control warrior, you just need to pump out threats to break him down into a range where you can kill him. Remember, you have a lot of burst. Play around brawls, too. Once he has used a lot of burst including grommash, you should jaraxxus (if enemy board is clear) to start slamming down pressure right away. Don't do this if he used Nefarian and is keeping the cards from it! If he got sac pact, you insta-lose unless Jaraxxus' fist gives you lethal.

Against any priest, I keep Jaraxxus. It's almost always a turn 9 play for me, as they will not be able to deal with everything. This doesn't mean put Jaraxxus out while your opponent has a huge board, like a dragon priest. Although the earlier Jaraxxus is, the better, make sure you conserve your life as Auchenai Soul Priest + Flash Heal could give your opponent a burst lethal. Also, I tend to keep Ironbeak Owl in case they buff a Deathlord with Velen's Chosen, because those can eat up your normally overwhelming threats; even twilight drake gets swallowed in 2 hits. That said, also keep your midrange threats to kill off his smaller minions that he played from earlier turns. Watch out for Emtombs and Cabal Shadow Priests, too. It is devastating to have a 4/9-10 Twilight Drake stolen by shrink+cabal.

That seems to be it for the decks I see commonly. Feel free to request for more guides!

I hope to reach legend within the next 3 days with this deck, so wish me luck!


FierceTierce says... #1

I don't know if you're aware, but Reno Jackson will trigger if you have two of some cards in your deck, granted that you have drawn those cards. You don't have to have one of everything in your decklist.

February 6, 2016 7:23 p.m.

deeznuts says... #2

@FierceTierce I am well aware of that, but there is still a small chance to not draw either of the two. Yes, the deck will be much stronger with maybe 2 voidcallers and 2 twilight drakes, but after a lot of terrible RNG, I have given up on playing 2 of the same card in reno decks. If I am up against an aggressive deck that has me down very low by turn 6, there's a good chance I didn't draw one of my dupe cards, especially because I would have most likely mulliganned away some of my higher value cards for cheaper minions and board clears. Others may think differently, but I have seen countless times where pros have not drawn one of 2 specific cards with a useless reno in hand, having to concede after having no more survival methods.

February 6, 2016 9:22 p.m.

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