Lair of the Snarbolax

Hunter Ladder / Wild Control

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Spiral Knights reference as a tribute to my ex-favorite game.

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This deck controls the board with traps, damage spellsuntil you can overpower them with your Savannah Highmane and Sludge Belchers.

The reason I chose Hunter is because of how strong its secrets are on their own, and the fact that you can keep slamming 2 damage to the face with your hero power towards the end game.

Damage Cards

Arcane Shot is a great early card, doing 1 damage. A good combo is to insta-kill just about anything.

Deadly Shot is under here because it still kills a minion. Great against early Deathlords and other powerful solo minions late game.

Eaglehorn Bow is absolutely amazing because rarely do you get less than 3 uses out of it. It does 3 damage, which is a very standard health in the game.

Explosive Shot deals 5 damage for 5 mana. Fairly good damage for its cost. However, it also deals 2 damage to the minons next to it. It can kill up to 3 minions with one card, or you can use this and another card to finish it off.

Explosive Trap deals 2 damage to all enemies. Don't mulligan this one if you have it early, it's amazing and will clear your opponents board. It's worth taking some damage if it means you can 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 with this card.

Kill Command is vital in every single hunter deck. While this deck admittedly has less beasts, we save this for last. We can use this withWebspinner, Animal Companion, Bear Trap or whatever Webspinner creates.

Multi-Shot is a really great card, just too high of a mana cost. It does 3 damage, our magic number, to 2 minions for 4 mana. Its mana cost is too high except against decks with smaller creatures, so we only run one. While this is our only 4 mana card, we run plenty of 2 mana cards that we can play 2 of turn 4.

Quick Shot is great. 2 mana 3 damage is very standard, and you have the option of drawing a card if it's your last card in your hand. While you will rarely ever need that, it might be able to save your life.

Snipe is our final trap. We only run one of these because it's less potent than other traps but still very strong. Played late, it can kill an Azure Drake.

Utility Cards

Animal Companion: with this we hope for either Misha or Huffer. Misha is a strong taunt, Huffer can favorably trade up. Leokk is still strong with Savannah Highmane's hyenas, and for trading up using Mad Scientist and Webspinner.

Azure Drake: An all around strong card, this provides draw power and a boost to all of our damage spells, in addition to a 4/4 body.

Freezing Trap: Be wary when using this against battlecry decks. This is great because late game it forces your opponent to waste mana. But even early game, putting away a decent creature for an extra turn or two means your opponent may not be willing to spend that extra mana to put their creature back down.

Hunter's Mark plus almost anything in here is an insta-kill.

Mad Scientist is a broken card. Holy shit Blizzard. 2/2 body that can trade favorably and get you a free Secret out of your deck. A must for the deck.

Webspinner: An underrated card. 1 mana 1/1 body that can trade using Hunter's Mark as well as providing a beast when it dies. It will often provide a bigger body which can also act as your finisher. Always hope for King Krush, boys.


Animal Companion has a 1/3 chance to summon Misha, a very strong 4/4 with taunt for only 3 mana.

Bear Trap summons a 3/3 taunt for only 2 mana. You don't need to worry about your health, since you won't take damage very often because you'll be keeping their board clear.

Sludge Belcher is one of the strongest cards in the game. 5 mana 3/5 taunt that summons a 1/2 taunt when it dies. Very strong, prevents lots of damage and buys you lots of time.


Savannah Highmane is a strong card. 6/5 for 6 mana that summons 2 2/2 beasts when it dies. Very good finisher that your opponent probably can't deal with once you finally place it down.


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