Legend Zoolock

Warlock Ladder / Wild Aggro

Fried_Mana Score: 1


The idea behind zoo (easily displayed by the name) is to get as many things on the board, and as much damage as possible in the early game!

I feel that this deck does a great job of that, with good synergistic plays like or or .

The deck doesn't taper off in the late game, with additions such as Mal'Ganis and Dr. Boom to make sure your little guys don't not matter any more.

I think it's also worth mentioning that Voidcaller is, in my eyes, an extremely underrated card. Esepecially when combo'ed, perhaps, with Abusive Sergeant or Power Overwhelming for a guaranteed deathrattle trigger. I have no less joy in the game than having Mal'Ganis suddenly pop onto the board, much to my opponent's chagrin.

A plus side of playing Warlock, is that life tap causes the deck to never run out of steam. Because of this, every game is a sprint (get it?), which I fun super fun to play!

Thanks for any +1 Upvotes, and happy hunting!


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