Low Elo Vanilla Mage

Mage Ladder / Wild Aggro Control

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This is my basic deck way back from when I started in beta, I have changed it up a little bit, but the general direction has remained the same.

+Spell DamageBurnPingControl

I have yet to get the high tier cards I need to make this a super powerhouse deck, but for now, I haven't lost a game with it in ranked, and It boosted me to Rank 19 without a loss.(not a huge deal, but still a nice little easy deck for people wanting to get somewhere easy)

I do change my playstyle with this deck, but typically it's burn the enemies with cheaper spells, keep the field clear, and ping them with the creatures you've summoned.

Will update the decklist when I can get my essences on the cards I REALLY want


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