Metaltooth Leaper is incredibly underrated. Fun times occur when people don't understand how it works. I've had games where my opponent has invested heavily into killing it, paused for a moment and conceded.


Just wanted to share the story of an epic game I had last night. I was playing against Reno Mage, triggered Ice Block on turn 5 or so, opponent was at 1. Pass the turn. Opponent plays Reno Jackson healing for 29! THEN, they play a Time Rewinder, as produced by my Mechanical Yeti (the sodding traitor) returning Reno to their hand. The game grinds on for a while, I bring opponent down to 6. They replay Reno healing for 24! Roughly 10 minutes later (probably 30-35 minutes total game time at this point of what initially seemed to be a short game) opponent passes at 2 health with a secret in play, I Steady Shot them and win. After having painstakingly gotten through dealing a total of 83 DAMAGE, I exert a sigh of relief before, appropriately collecting the reward of the Beat Down quest.

All in all, alot of Renos around that day, which you'd think would be the bane of Aggro-decks like this one, but I ranked up from 22 to 16 over night! What can I say, I'm proud of this creation and it's performance! :)


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