Mega Mech Mage

Mage Ladder / Wild*

KnightOfAries Score: 1


This late game mech mage build is designed around using and maintaining advantage gain with tinkertown technician, arcane intellect, your deathrattle effects, and gorilla bot to just exhaust all your opponent's options. collecting advantage and keeping a decent tempo with playing your mechs is the essential play style when playing this deck. just build up and flame strike.

Match ups:

hunter - strong

warlock - strong

mage - strong (most builds ive lost to a couple secret builds)

shaman - strong

druid - average

rogue - hard (their removal is obnoxious and mill variants is a very hard time for this deck.)

paladin - average this build has almost no problem with secret builds but murloc and dragon builds go back and forth with this build

priest - STRONG average for dragon priest but this build puts the hurt on most priest variants.

I took a lot of pride in this deck. any comments are welcome I hope you enjoy testing it as much as I have!


Dantof says... #1

Looks pretty sweet, nice deck.

February 12, 2016 3:53 p.m.

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