Secret Stone

Mage Ladder / Wild Control Token

Dorotheus Score: 5


I'm not exactly sure if this is what the deck SHOULD be but I just know Summon Stone is going to be a card that 'gets there' every game. So casual for now, but it might not be.

Started pushing the deck in more of the direction of Frost Mage.


Djinniman says... #1

If you have one, Pyroblast might be good as it gets you either an 8/8 or a 12/12

December 22, 2015 12:58 p.m.

OhTheNoises says... #2

With all of the spells it's very odd to not see 2 Sorcerer's Apprentice, any reason for that?

If you have one Archmage Antonidas should be in, if not, Ethereal Conjurer is a good addition.

2 Flamestrike seems a bit unnecessary, I get that you may get a 7 mana dude from it but it's going to be hard to keep a Summoning Stone in play once they see what you are doing so keeping it on the field till T7 seems a stretch.

You are kinda weak to aggro currently, some Arcane Blasts could help there.

That's all I got.

December 24, 2015 9:33 p.m.

Dorotheus says... #3

Yea, there's a reason I have this marked as Casual. Lots of things I don't have. I got a Archmage Antonidas off of Flamestrike before, fun times hahaha

trying to save up Gold and Dust right now and this is just the deck I'm playing for fun, I keep deleting my decks out of boredom or defeat, mostly just due to practicality. I hate control decks but the idea that I still get to do some jank combo-tech while playing control seems just as good as the real combos I prefer to play. RIP Warsong Commander.

December 24, 2015 9:56 p.m.

OhTheNoises says... #4

Just making some suggestions currently. Flamestrike is good, don't get me wrong I just don't think that 2 is needed. 1 is fine and it can open you up for some tools to deal with early aggro threats.

RIP Patron.

December 24, 2015 9:59 p.m.

Dorotheus says... #5

I have way more fun with this deck, and win way more often with it, than I should.

January 6, 2016 10:28 p.m.

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