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This deck is a combo deck with a fairly strong (and cheap) control shell to get you there. I don't really have too many great warrior cards, so this is what I have for now.

The one card that really enables this deck is Emperor Thaurissan. He enables our combo of: Charge + Raging Worgen and a bunch of buffs for the one turn kill. You can also view Faceless Manipulator as a "Buff" since it can copy your buffed creature for 4 mana! It's quite easy to get lethal the turn after Emperor Thaurissan is played (and usually dies).

We also have a single Grim Patron in there as a secondary win condition, or a way to distract your opponent.

So now how to actually play the deck.

Generally, mulligan aggressively for removal. You do not want any parts of the combo early on in your hand, since the deck has tons of card draw. All the card draw actually makes Reno Jackson a viable recovery card, since he can usually go off around when you can play him.

When actually playing the deck, do not use combo pieces, unless absolutely necessary, and go for drawing cards over damage to them. You can very easily do 30+ to their face in 1 turn. Try to keep the board relatively clear, until you can blow up all over them.

Here's a few general guidelines:

Wild Pyromancer is a board clearer, not a threat.

Sir Finley Mrrgglton wants to choose Warlock, Priest, or Mage hero powers.

If you have access to any of the cards in the maybe-board, definitely consider trying to fit them in here somewhere. Commanding Shout and Grim Patron are probably the two weakest cards in the deck, feel free to replace them. also, if you lack access to some cards, charge creatures and weapons are probably viable replacements.


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