The all too Tall Secret Mage

Mage Tavern Brawl Control

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List I use for the "You must be this tall to brawl" Tavern Brawl.

Essentially, this tavern brawl forces players to hard cast 7+ Minions as you are not allowed to mainboard minions lower than mana cost of 7.

There are a lot of ways to play this brawl, but I feel a secret heavy Mage deck really beats the competition.

The deck focuses primarily on setting up Mirror Entity +Effigy to achieve maximum value from your opponent's minions. The more value their minion brings to the board, the better, and Effigy essentially gives our minions immunity to most removal. In the early game, hero power opponents face and early threats that are pseudo-cast or summoned through various outlets e.g. Discover mechanic in LOE. In the late game, keep removing their high value minions, setting up secrets, and dig for cheap spells to feed Archmage Antonidas.

Honorable Mentions;Duplicate is a solid choice with or in replacement for Effigy, giving you more threats to beat down your opponents with.

Ice Block is fantastic against unfavorable matchups (decks that can either combo you to death for deal inevitable damage to your face.

Every other legendary minion that costs 7+


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