The Dark Will Burn You!

Priest Casual Control Jank

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A Shadow Priest Control build.

Think Entomb Control Priest but with an INSPIRED twist. Brian Kibler faced a deck such as this on one of his streams, and I was captivated. I had to build it for myself.

Each card has one of three purposes:

  1. Buy time/Distract- The late game is where this deck shines best. When we aren't buying time, we're buying more time. We have the primary taunters, like Deathlord and Sludge Belcher. Fieldwipes like Lightbomb and Excavated Evil are all strong ways to ensure we survive.
  2. Built Tempo- Northshire Cleric is more what I'd call a distraction rather than a pivotal part of the deck, but drawing cards is drawing cards. Antique Healbot, Tournament Medic, Kodorider are all cards that I would consider tempo builders.
  3. Be Shadowform- Most people I've played against didn't know how to react once this was cast. Facehunters tried to race me, handlocks tried to out control me. The sheer surprise is a powerful thing.

((And yes, I'm hopefully going to get a Confessor Paletress once I get enough dust. She's kinda perfect for this deck. Until then, Kodorider.))


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