Help Topic: Decks

The deck builder is the main feature of TappedOut and it's important to understand how it works. This page will provide some basic information about the deck form itself, but getting more familiar with it requires some hands-on learning experience.

##The Deck Form The deck add form is for creating new deck lists. To edit one of your existing deck lists, go to that deck's page and click the edit button.

On this page, you will notice several options and text fields.


The maybeboard is a place where you can keep track of cards you're considering adding to your deck, but aren't sure about.


The acquireboard is a place for you to track what cards you need to complete a deck. You can get a full list of all cards for all decks on your profile. You can also sync your acquireboards with the want section of your trade binder in your settings.

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Deck folders

Deck folders are yet another way to keep your MTG decks well organized on TappedOut. Simply view any deck (even decks of other users!) and click on the 'Add to folder' option on the left. You will be given a chance to add decks to current folders or create a new one.

To view your deck folders, click on your profile and scroll down to your MTG Decks and click "By Folder."

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