Help Topic: The Header Bar

The header bar contains several links and features to help you navigate TappedOut and manage your content better.

Deck Builder

The deck builder page is a multifunctional directory for one of the site's predominant features: the deck builder (bet that was a surprise). It displays the top decks across many of the site's different hubs and formats and provides a search feature to browse all decks. It also contains the link to the deck creation page, which allows you to add your own MTG decks to the site.


The cards page is a directory for all printings of all MTG cards. Users in workstation mode can browse set lists and add cards to their decks from this section. The card directory also has an area for user-created cards.


The events page is a social networking directory that lists various user-added venues and upcoming events.

Draft Sim

The draft simulator allows users to host, join, and spectate online drafts from host-selected sets or cubes against other users or bots. It's a great way to practice for limited events and pass time.


The forums page is a directory for all general discussions on TappedOut. The page itself does not have thread listings, but the various subforums all provide ways to discuss aspects of the game with others.

  1. General Forums - This is a talk space for most MTG-related subject from future set speculation to current trends in deck construction.
  2. Deck Help - This subforum is for threads asking for help with a specific deck. Users should post about what aspects of their decks they want help with and any limitations (budget, format, etc.) they're working with.
  3. Commander (EDH) - Threads in this subforum are geared toward discussing strategies for EDH decks as well as the format in general.
  4. TappedOut - This is the official discussion area for site-related concerns, suggestions, and announcements.
  5. Challenges and Articles - Have an idea for a deckbuilding contest or want to contribute some writing to the site? This is the forum for you to do so.
  6. Traders - This subforum is for organizing trades. Users often post want lists or binder update notices here. PLEASE NOTE: While the administrative team here on TappedOut takes measures to weed scammers out of the community, we are not responsible for trades. Interactions between traders on TappedOut are private business and the involved parties assume all liability for whatever happens in these trades.


The Q&A page is for asking and answering any questions related to game rules. These can be questions pertaining to card interactions, the rules text for a card, or even what happens when somebody makes a certain mistake at an event. Non-rules questions should be asked in the appropriate forum (see above).


The articles page is a directory for all compositions published on the site. These articles cover a wide range of subject material and were contributed by a number of users for the benefit of the community. Some are breakdowns of Standard decks and the format itself while others are discussions about the community-designed set. The page is a great resource for learning more about the game.


The streams page has two sublistings, one each for the comment stream and deck stream. The comment stream is a list of all comments made on all threads and decks. It can be filtered to show only comments made on decks or Q&A posts rather than displaying everything together. The deck update stream is a list of all published deck updates.

Search (Magnifying Glass Icon)

The search function allows you to do quick, site-wide queries for users, decks, cards, and comments. The drop-down that appears when you click on the icon also contains links to the advanced search pages for cards and decks.

Inventory (Toolbox Icon)

The inventory function allows you to have quick access to your trade binder, decks, lists, cubes, and friends. Whenever you add or subtract elements from these categories, your inventory will automatically update with the appropriate changes. Clicking the inventory icon opens a centerscreen menu.

Notifications (TappedOut Icon)

The notifications function tells you when another user comments on something you are subscribed to (such as a deck or thread) and can be used to stay on top of replies to your decks or feedback. Your subscriptions can be managed in your settings. Clicking the notifications icon opens a centerscreen menu. When you have new notifications, the icon is red; when there have been no new notifications since you last opened the menu, it will be gray.

User Menu (Silhouette Icon)

The user menu displays quick links to your user page, settings, deck feature information, and the extras page. It also has a quick logout feature.